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The myths around interior design

There seem to be many misconceptions about interior design. People think you have to be super wealthy to hire their services, or that it means you can't have any design input into your own home.

Of course I can't speak for all interior designers. Like any profession, you'll find some out there who aren't quite right, who perhaps aren't as flexible as they should be.

Personally, I got into interior design because I wanted to help people reflect their personality into their homes. But sometimes, they aren't aware of how to do that themselves, so it's just about bridging that gap between their ideas and achieving them.

When I design for a client, I have an in-depth interview with them about their lifestyle, their hobbies and their interests. All of this is relevant to how they might want their home styled. But the key point is that they tell me what they would like and I give them ideas on how it can be done.

As for cost, I noticed that there's a real gap in the market for people who just want some styling advice. Interior designers tend to prefer to stick to big projects, but it is important to me to be able to offer a service where, if a client buys one of our side tables, for example, then they can hire us for an hour to decide where to put it and how to style it.

If any of the above has left you feeling intrigued, or perhaps made you realise that you're quite curious as to how an interior designer could help you, please get in touch with us, and we'll be more than happy to help.

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