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Reduce your carbon footprint with a bar of soap

Here at F&H we are big fans of a traditional bar of soap.

They frequently appear in a Christmas stocking or wrapped in tissue or a handkerchief and tied with beautiful ribbon for a birthday, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, or indeed any celebration.

Some are so beautiful they are left on display in the bathroom whilst some of the most fragrant are kept for a while in a drawer to impart their fabulous scent to anything within.

Once again fashionable, partly in a bid to reduce plastic bottles etc. there are many different types readily available. From simple inexpensive supermarket brands to something much more luxurious and expensive.

They can also be quite evocative, with memories of another place or time. Imperial Leather with its label, pillowy shape and distinctive fragrance always reminds me of my grandparents house when I was a child, or indeed Palmolive or coal tar of my other grandparents. An aunt always had Pears which as a small child I thought was very sophisticated. With again a distinctive look and fragrance and with a shape that was always a little too large for my child sized hands it would often clatter noisily after being dropped into the basin.

When my own children were young there were animal shaped soaps, far too precious to be used, kept in underwear drawers for many years, probably some still in there although now long gone and all grown up.

Much love,

Lucy & Nicky xxx

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