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Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-imagine

Whether you are motivated by saving the pennies or saving the planet (hopefully a little of both), it is always good to try and recycle or reuse items before consigning them to landfill.

One of my favourites is a Bonne Maman jam jar. We used to stock up on annual trips to France, but they are readily available in the UK. I love how the labels are made to come off very easily to make reusing even more simple. You can use them in the kitchen for storing food such as a little soup for an office lunch, some leftover homemade stock destined for the freezer, or to hold cutlery. Maybe in the office as a decorative pot for things like paperclips or as a pen pot. If, like me, you always have a stash of spare buttons, it makes a very pretty button pot, or perhaps just to hold the perfect sized gin and tonic at the end of a busy day.

Leftover wallpaper or wrapping paper can be used for decoupage for anything from a tray, table or greetings card or, if you have a larger piece, maybe to line a bookcase. Leftover fabric could be useful for making currently much needed face masks or perhaps bunting for the next family celebration (virus restrictions permitting) or some little beaded food covers, particularly useful in the summer when doors and windows are left open.

We apply the same philosophy to perishable goods too. Random leftover food bits generally get used up in soups in our house and vegetable peelings are kept for composting. I read a recipe recently for chocolate brownies made from coffee grounds, can’t wait to give those a try.

So before you consign something to the bin, have a think about how you may be able to reuse it. You never know - you might have fun and find a new creative skill along the way.

Much love, Nicky & Lucy x

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