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It's launch day!

Updated: May 23, 2020

We are Nicky and Lucy, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially launched! It’s all very cliche to say that we’re living the dream but when you’re actually doing it, there’s no other way to describe it!

Lockdown has been a trying time for everyone, but the silver lining for us has been the extra time we’ve had to be able to start our business. We’ve noticed that one thing that seems to be flourishing in this time, apart from a deadly virus, is that people are sprucing up their homes. I mean there’s only so much time you can spend staring at your furniture before you decide some of it needs updating!

And that’s why we wanted to bring you Fitward & Hayton, a place to find beautiful new items for your home, and a service to help you decide how to style them. It’s very important to us that everyone has access to unique homewares and an interior design service, no matter how much their budget.

I’m going to keep this short for today and let the website properly introduce us. We hope you enjoy it.

Much love, Lucy and Nicky x

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