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Our Secret Christmas Tips

Everyone has their own little unique traditions at Christmas. But sometimes it's nice to add in some extra bits, whether that's a new game to play or a new recipe to try. As it's been such a peculiar year, we wanted to share our F&H Christmas tips with you as perhaps you'll want to add them to your own traditions.

Christmas decorations. There's the typical pieces such as the lights, Father Christmas and perhaps a star or two. But you don't have to be limited by these. At F&H, we've adorned trees with glitter pineapples, sparkly toadstools, and even a gold Triceratops. Go wild, be bold, and always be your unique self.

Creating memories. It's a lovely idea to create beautiful and nostalgic memories around Christmas. Every year, each member of the family (or a circle of friends or whoever you spend time with at Christmas) could buy a new decoration. After a few years, you'll all start decorating the tree together remembering stories about how each decoration came to be a part of your festivities.

Trying new recipes. The roast on Christmas Day is rather special, and everyone has their favourite parts. On Boxing Day, the second roast is still rather lovely. But when faced with the third roast, you'd really rather eat anything else. I find the best way to quell Christmas food exhaustion is to go for a new cuisine. Take your turkey and put it in a stir fry. Take your potatoes and turn them into a tartiflette. The world's your oyster.

We'd love to hear your Christmas traditions so we can keep adding to ours! Get in contact and we'll share our favourite ones on social media. Happy Christmas everyone!

Much love, Lucy and Nicky xxx

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