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Our Favourite Interiors from Fiction

To tie in with World Book Day, we wanted to round up our favourite homes from the wonderful world of fiction.

First up, we have to talk about The Great Gatsby. This is all about sophistication. Immaculately polished marble floors, dazzling chandeliers and stunning bouquets of flowers are the main features of the glamorous bachelor, Jay Gatsby's home, as beautifully referenced in the Baz Luhrmann film.

Next up is Marie Antoinette. Enter the world of decadence. Rich colours, damask fabrics and detailed panelling really are a feast for the eyes in this tragic, true story. While it isn't actually true that she said 'let them eat cake' (let's just pretend it is), someone who had that sort of luxury attitude is always going to have a beautiful home.

And we can't not talk about Great Expectations. Yes it might need a bit of a dust, but Miss Havisham's home is the epitome of elegance. She knows all about mood lighting with plenty of candles, and is the Queen of gothic glamour. If you're a fan of the dark and decadent, this is definitely the inspiration for you.

What are your favourite fictional interiors? Get in touch to let us know or tell us on Facebook or Instagram.

Much love, Lucy & Nicky xxx

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