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Let's go 2021

I think just about everyone was ready to say goodbye to 2020. While 2021 hasn't got off to the best start, at least we can look forward to later in the year when we will (hopefully) get back to a bit of normality.

Here at Fitward & Hayton, we love nothing more than a fresh, beautiful notebook. And when best to start a new notebook or diary than at the start of a New Year?

While there's a fine line between looking forward to the year ahead and not wanting to feel like you're back in school having to write targets to achieve, there are plenty of proactive things you can fill your notebook or diary with to get you excited for the year ahead.

We all look cooking at F&H so often include lists of favourite recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists. Lockdown is a great time to be able to spend a fair bit of time on your cooking and try those recipes that you've always wanted to do!

Planning holidays is particularly important now that everything feels a bit gloomy. Maybe make a list of your top 10 destinations, and then think of anything you need to complete your summer wardrobe. Perhaps a seagull stole your favourite summer hat last year or you can't get the fake tan out of your favourite white dress. Now's the time to plan some replacements.

As we are all spending much more time in our homes, make a list of everything you would like to re-do. These don't have to be big things, but perhaps a couple of new cushions could brighten up a space or a lick of paint.

Do get in touch if you need a chat, want some more ideas of what you can fill your new pages with, or just to say hi!

Much love, Lucy and Nicky xxx

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