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Keep Calm and Carry On...

Often used in times of crisis to reflect our stiff upper lip attitude, this famous slogan still seems apt and relevant today.

The phrase was originally used by the Ministry of Information in 1939 (using simple clear text and a Tudor crown as a symbol of the state) as part of a series of three WWII posters designed to improve morale.

Over 2 million copies were produced, but it was not widely used and was largely forgotten about until the owners of Barter Books in Alnwick (beautiful bookshop, well worth a visit) discovered an original in a box of old books bought at auction. They made a charming short video in 2012 about their find. A few more copies appeared on the Antiques Roadshow and soon a whole host of products, from t-shirts to mugs, tote bags to aprons, bore the slogan.

When a phrase such as this speaks to you, whether you find it inspirational, motivational, reassuring or nostalgic, incorporating it into your home is a great way to keep it in regular sight and at the forefront of your mind. For one such example, check out our framed print available to buy here.

We should be thankful we are not facing what lay ahead for them in 1939, but it has been an unusual year for all of us and I am sure in some way we can all relate to the spirit of this poignant poster.

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