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Interior Design on a Budget

You move into your new place and you have all these ideas. You want to wallpaper this wall, paint the hallway this colour, and you've found a sofa you've fallen in love with. There's just one problem. Finding the money to pay for it all.

It's really difficult when you have all these creative ideas but not the funds to go ahead with them. So, we've come up with some helpful tips which mean you can design your home without it breaking the bank.

Pictures. Wall art is something that can immediately make a house feel like a home. But it doesn't have to solely consist of original oil paintings. Frame cards, posters, or even pieces of wallpaper to create stunning artwork for just a few pounds.

Buy second hand. Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Gumtree, the list goes on. Not only will buying second hand save you a lot of £££ but it also helps to keep your carbon footprint down. One of my favourite places to buy new furniture is at Sue Ryder, online. They get some great pieces, and an added bonus is that you're also supporting charity.

Do a bit of upcycling. You don't have to be an expert in this (I have neither the patience nor the skill-set) but a little goes a long way. Perhaps you buy a pine-coloured side table from Ikea for less than £20. Take it home, sand it down, paint it matt black and everyone will be asking where you got it from.

Let us know your budget tips when it comes to interior design. Share them with us on social media or get in touch and we'll share our favourites.

Much love, Lucy & Nicky xxx

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