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How to stay mindful this Christmas

There are so many wonderful things about Christmas. Family reunions, mountains of pigs in blankets, an abundance of presents, the ever-flowing fizz, cosy fires, the nostalgic smell of the Christmas tree, and loads more.

But for a lot of people, this also comes with a lot of stress, anxiety, and pressure. So here are our top tips for you to stay mindful this Christmas and enjoy the festivities:

1. Take some time out for yourself. Yes, there’s lots to do. Yes, there’s lots to buy. Yes, there’s lots of people to see. But everyone needs a break and you’re no exception. Schedule in some well-needed time for yourself and make sure you stick to it; it’s the most important time in your diary.

2. Write lists. This sounds so simple, it’s verging on patronising. But writing food lists, present lists or prep lists will mean your worries are out of your head and onto the paper.

3. Share the load. If, like me, you love being the host, you might well invite everyone to you for any get togethers. But hosting can often be stressful, with all the strain on you to buy all the food, cook everything, and entertain everyone. So make sure you go to other people’s soirees just as much as they come to yours.

4. Let go of expectations. With the help of social media, there’s an awful lot of pressure to have the ‘perfect Christmas’. Whether that’s getting the perfect tree, cooking the perfect Christmas lunch, or glamming up to look your best on the day. But remember, these aren’t real for everyone. If you want to slob around in your pyjamas all day, then that’s completely fine too.

5. Learn to say no. There are often so many plans over Christmas. While this can be lovely, it can easily get too much. And it’s fine to say no if it does get too much. Your loved ones will understand, plus it means you can arrange some nice things for January and spread the Christmas celebrations out even more.

While these are our tips on how to stay mindful at Christmas, they do apply to all the other times of the year as well. So be kind to yourself, take some time out, and have a great Christmas.

Much love, Lucy & Nicky xxx

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