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How to: Gallery Walls

Gallery wall is a term that is used often nowadays. We know they're 'in' and we know they're popular, but what are they and how do we do it?

The trick with gallery walls is to not think too much about them. You've got a blank wall, you want to decorate it, you're not sure how, so just cover it in pictures.

Pictures, wall hangings, photos, empty frames, flags, decorative shelves, anything goes.

Some people like to keep it a bit more organised and go for a particular look. There are several ways to make things look a bit less haphazard, such as going for the same colour frames and just using pictures.

However, in the bonkers world of Fitward & Hayton, we like to completely mix it up and go for an eclectic mix.

One little tip is to put everything on the floor first to check that you like the arrangement before you put everything up on the wall.

Much love, Lucy and Nicky x

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