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How to add different textures into your home

Whether you're a maximalist or a minimalist, texture is a great way to add interest into your interior design. But it can be daunting to decide how to incorporate these different textures into your home. So here are our top tips.

The easy one is soft furnishings. This is a simple way to add in lots of different materials. Try elements such as velvet curtains, a linen cushion, or a faux fur throw. Go a step further with details such as pom poms, fringing, and tassels.

Mix up your furniture. You don't need to go all out on a velvet sofa if this feels a bit much for you. But you could consider a velvet armchair or pouffe instead. Combine leathers, velvets, and more timeless classics such as linen and cotton to achieve a stunning look.

And don't forget to mix in plenty of natural materials too. Use a variety of metals, woods, and glass which can work for any colour palette depending on the finish.

If you're stuck at any point, you can always get in touch with any interior design questions you have. We're always here to help.

Much love, Lucy & Nicky xxx

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