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Give Yourself Some Shelf Care

This isn't actually a post about loving your shelves. Although we will give you some tips about dressing shelves further down. We think Valentine's Day shouldn't just be a romantic occasion but a celebration of all love. Whether that's a friend, a pet, a partner, a family member, yourself, or even, your shelf!

So you're faced with a new shelf or shelving unit. It's bare, it's empty, it's slightly intimidating. And you just don't know where to start. Decide first whether you want books on your shelf. Sometimes it's quite nice to have a mix with books in the middle and accessories around them or books on half the shelf and décor on the other half.

If you just want your shelf to showcase your most beautiful pieces (such as a Poseidon sculpture or a large hare head) then always start with the biggest piece first. I tend to like to put them a bit off centre, so they're still in the middle part of the shelf, but not exactly. Then it's all about variety. Get some candles in there, some hanging plants, some diffusers. You want to mix up sizes with pieces that range in height particularly. Go with your gut and play around with the layout to create your perfect shelf.

Whatever you're up to today, whether you're with a loved one, a family member, or on your own, show someone some love. Even if it's your shelf!

Much love to everyone, Lucy and Nicky xxx

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