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Four ways to incorporate nature this Autumn

Autumn can be a dreary time, but it is also a chance to slow down and unwind after a busy Summer. Due to the pandemic and now the changing of the seasons, everyone is spending a lot more of their time indoors, meaning it is even more important than ever to make sure your home is a happy, comfortable and functional space.

The fact that we haven’t been able to spend as much time as we would like outdoors has led us to find ways in which to bring the outside in. It’s no surprise then how much nature has had an influence on the interior design trends this year.

Green has been the colour of 2021, and has been used in abundance. For the maximalists among you, perhaps you’ve painted your walls, ceilings, stairs - even your children or dog! - in a deep, rich green. But now’s still a great time if you haven’t done so already. And there’s a huge range of choice too, depending on whether you’d like to go for a subtle green/grey, a mid-tone green or a dark forest-like shade.

Biophilic design has also been huge this year. It focuses on our innate connection as human beings to the outside world, and how to reflect this in your home. There is now an abundance of proof to suggest that nature makes us feel healthier and happier. And as we migrate back indoors, now’s the time to invest in as many house plants as possible, and then some more, and then, when you struggle to open the door because there are too many plants, start hanging them from your ceilings too.

While grey has dominated our homes for the past few years, this year, we’ve turned to more earthy tones, such as stone, oatmeal, and sand. Adding these mineral shades to our interior design gives a warmer feel, evoking a sense of grounding and security, whilst also incorporating some beautiful aspects of nature.

Natural materials are also featuring more prominently in our homes, as we become more and more eco-conscious. Fabrics are now made from linen and wool, while furniture is crafted in rattan. As well as a step towards being more eco-friendly, this is again another nod to nature and bringing it inside.

It’s been quite significant to see just how many interior design trends this year have a connection with nature. Incorporating earthy tones, green shades, natural materials, and biophilic design into our homes can help alleviate how much we miss the elements of the outdoors, as well as helping us to feel calm as we transition to a more hibernating season.

Much love,

Lucy & Nicky xxx

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