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Faux Fo

Once frowned upon in favour of real or dried, faux foliage is now very much having its moment.

Although quite an investment, they will last many years. Unlike real flowers, you may even decide you would like a change before your faux fo has reached the end of its life. If you want to have trailing fo over delicate surfaces e.g. books, faux is ideal as there is no risk of damage from little water spills etc.

When shopping for faux fo many years ago a dear friend gave me a fantastic tip - always buy a little real eucalyptus to add in. They last for many years (mine is currently racking up somewhere over 10), dry naturally without any special attention and you have the beautiful fresh fragrance for quite some time.

So why not take a look: Liberty, Abigail Ahern, Oka and Pavilion Interiors all have a lovely selection and we currently have a few bits available on our website as well.

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