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Decorating with what you have

Interior design can be really expensive. Especially the first time you buy a home. I remember when we bought our first place, and even though we had saved a fair bit for the furniture, by the time you've got your sofa and your bed, that's a lot of the budget already gone!

This means that any furnishing or accessorising gets left behind, and your place doesn't feel like a home for quite some time.

But decorating doesn't have to solely consist of buying ornaments with which to adorn your home.

Without realising it, you probably have a lot of beautiful items to decorate with anyway. We are just used to putting them in cupboards or storing them away rather than having them on display.

Books are your first go-to. Personally, I think books are just so aesthetically pleasing, old or new. Rather than putting them away in a cupboard, place them on shelves around your home to add colour and interest.

Jewellery is another one. For some reason, we tend to put our jewellery away in boxes, but it's probably some of the most beautiful stuff we own. Decorate a shelf or a hanging metal rack in your bedroom with all of your beautiful stones to save splashing out on new ornaments.

Another expense is artwork. Instead of having to cough up a lot of money for new art, frame off-cuts of beautiful wallpaper, magazine cuttings or anything similar.

It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to create a beautiful home. If you'd like any specific advice, get in touch today and we'll be able to help you out.

Much love, Lucy and Nicky xxx

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