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Decadent Downstairs Loos

For most people, the downstairs loo is the smallest room in the house. It is a room which may be frequented often, but not for long periods of time. This gives you the perfect opportunity to do something radical, something which you might find a bit ‘over the top’ for, say, a sitting room or bedroom.

So, a fantastic opportunity to go wild, decadent, and extravagant. After all, that expensive wallpaper that you love will be much less expensive in a tiny room. And if you have always fancied the dark gothic look but not in a large space, perfect. You don’t even need to worry about whether your use of colour will make the space look bigger, which may be a consideration in other rooms. Who needs a large space for a downstairs loo anyway? So just go for something you love.

Personally, although I would love to change the sanitary ware in our room, this would have been an expensive thing to do so. Instead I opted for a wallpaper I love and updated the tiled splashback from somewhat boring cream squares to black glossy metro tiles. An oil painting and mini glass chandelier add to the opulence, whilst a birdcage (complete with free-to-fly-away bird) picks up on the birdcage themed paper. A little scented candle or scented soap and hand cream are always nice additions.

Some people use this space to hang family photographs or certificates. One friend has a collection of framed humorous cartoons. Another, holiday mementoes including photos, tickets, currency etc. from foreign climes all housed in a frame per trip. In Scotland, a friend has named theirs ‘The Throne Room’, complete with dark red drapes trimmed with gold braid, a crown for decoration, and various framed pictures and books with a regal theme.

So, whether you call it your cloakroom, powder room, throne room or downstairs loo, be bold, go wild, have a little fun and make it a memorable experience for everyone who visits.

Much love, Lucy & Nicky xx

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