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Bringing the outside in: incorporating nature into your home

It's calming, it's relaxing, it's familiar. Nature is not only beautiful but it's also very comforting to us beings. It speaks to an innate part of all of us; after all, thousands of years ago, it was our home.

The first way you can incorporate nature into your interior design is to use colour. Green is a peaceful colour and there's a wide range of shades and hues to choose from. If you want to keep it subtle, you could add a green cushion to your sofa or bed, or maybe you're ready to go all out and paint one of your rooms in a deep green.

The second method is texture. Using wood around your home is a very easy way to instantly inject a nature influence, but there are also plenty of other materials to choose from. For example, stone doesn't have to be restricted to the bathroom, and could be used for a coffee table. The Scandi interior design trends have also introduced us to a range of textures such as rattan and bamboo.

Thirdly, bring plants into your home. House plants are a great way to oxygenate your home, creating a calmer atmosphere. If you know you're not great at looking after plants (I know I tend to love them to death and water them too much!), then you can always go for faux plants which give the same great effect without the maintenance.

Lastly, design. It might be the sea or the forest, whatever speaks to you in nature will look great as prints or canvases on the wall. If you want to go for a bolder look, there are plenty of beautiful wallpaper designs which incorporate images of nature.

Much love, Lucy and Nicky x

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