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All you need is love

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Valentine's Day has been and gone. Maybe you spent your evening showering your beau with rose petals or perhaps you sat on your sofa surrounded by empty wine bottles. But whether you love or hate this romantic holiday, we're here to tell you about the most important kind of love: self-love.

Stay with me on this. I know we're all told to love ourselves more and think we're the best. And this can sound really airy-fairy. But actually a lack of self-compassion and self-love is one of the fundamental problems fuelling today's mental health problems.

So instead of thinking that you don't deserve to cut yourself some slack or sometimes put you first, just remember that everything in your life - your family, your friends, your career, and most importantly, yourself - will all thrive much more easily if you do.

You can show yourself a little bit of love in many ways, and it's important to do what you feel you need, not just what you're told to do. The trick is with whatever you do - whether that's take a hot bath, give yourself a manicure, or eat your favourite food - make sure you let yourself enjoy it and not to feel any guilt for putting that time aside for yourself.

Of course, Valentine's Day is just one day a year. But really, you should try and do something 3 or 4 times a week, just for you. Because, quite frankly, we think you deserve it. And you should too.

Much love, Nicky & Lucy xxx

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