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All things wallpaper

I have always been a fan of wallpaper, the vintage Laura Ashley in my bedroom has been hanging for at least 20 years and although in parts it could do with replacing, I can’t quite bring myself to change it. I remember our decorator at the time saying ‘you will never manage to get to sleep’ and it certainly wouldn’t have been my partners first choice but it has more than stood the test of time. Although wallpaper has been in and out of fashion, I would happily recommend it to anyone thinking of taking the plunge.

Although I’ve never attempted to put it up myself, I am told its fairly straightforward. Just allow yourself some extra paper when calculating how much you need, to allow for mistakes, particularly if it is your first time and remember you can always use any leftover paper for a little project, lining a bookcase maybe.

In our downstairs loo we have the beautiful ‘Birdcage Walk’ by Nina Campbell in black and gold. We recently upgraded this room with some glossy black metro tiles, a small glass chandelier, an oil painting complete with ornate frame and a birdcage at the window to offer some privacy from outside whilst also providing shelter for any passing birds. I love the idea of wallpapering a small room completely, with not much paper needed it shouldn’t be too expensive and it can create a wonderfully dramatic space.

In the dining room we opted for a feature wall in a duck egg floral print by Neisha Crosland some years ago. Trends come and go and this one may be waning a little but if papering a whole room is too expensive or you think it may be too busy for you then this is often a good move. Personally I still love it but I am wondering about painting the rest of the room dark now for a change. The paper will then stand out more, like a piece of art covering the entire wall, and we need a curtain upgrade and maybe a rug… work in progress but for now the paper stays.

Of course there are many fabulous suppliers from the beautiful de Gournay to Cole and Son, Jane Churchill, Nina Campbell, Farrow and Ball, Laura Ashley and now a whole host of much cheaper brands. The choice was once fairly limited but now, just do an internet search and you will find many options, in all price brackets. You could even create your own using a company like Surface View or perhaps one of their wallpaper murals to cover an entire wall with an actual piece of famous art – life size Stubbs horse anyone?

Much love, Lucy & Nicky xxx

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